Shiso leaf

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Shiso leaf, also known as beefsteak plant, or Perilla frutescens, is part of the mint family, Lamiaceae. Green shiso is commonly referred to as oba in Japan. This fragrant herb is typically used with sashimi or tempura. It has grown to compliment numerous dishes across cuisines, from salads and sauces to meats and pastas.

Cardiofit organic cold-pressed wild apple concentrated vinegar

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Cardiofit is a natural product made in Bosnia and Herzegovina using cold processing to preserve all the protective elements of wild apples and herbs. Wild apples are handpicked in Bosnia's mountains at 700-800 metres altitude. The basic ingredient in wild apples, quercetin, is a powerful instrument in fighting cholesterol and hypertension.

Coral calcium

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By consuming naturally grown coral powder made from weathered reef coral that has died, we rely less on artificial materials. It is found that human absorption of minerals is improved when you ingest the nutrients contained in whole living beings rather than as separate minerals. Calcium carbonate is the main component making up 34%-85% of coral powder.

Konsberry low calorie premium fruit preserves

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If you want a healthy, sweet and delicious treat that you can serve to your children, family and friends, then Konsberry jams are the right choice for you. Their secret is in their simplicity and natural taste. Whole fruits are preserved to contain all their nutritional value in their original state.

Vegheet vegetable sheets

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Vegheet vegetable sheets are all-natural products developed in Nagasaki Prefecture using modern technology to reduce food wastage. Imperfect looking vegetables, that would otherwise be discarded, can be used in this production; which helps to protect the small farmers’ incomes. These plant-based sheets are made from vegetables that are sustainably farmed.

Shikuwasa fruit, Okinawan

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Shikuwasa citrus fruit is different from lime and kalamansi. The entire fruit, pulp and skin, is used in a variety of products from food to cosmetics and aromatherapy oils. It is grown only in Okinawa and Taiwan. The majority is grown in Ogimi village, Okinawa, where according to data from the World Health Organisation, we find the highest concentration of centenarians.

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