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The Eco Shopper: Saving the earth one product at a time

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Hucklebee works in collaboration with The Eco Shopper (TES) who promotes reusable and sustainable eco-friendly products at affordable prices. TES Reusable Utensils are made of Food Grade Polypropylene which is recyclable code PP5. This product is stable and resistant to staining. It has been tried and tested for durability over a period of almost 6 years.

Okinawan all-natural, environmentally-friendly bath amenities

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These bath salts come from a long tradition of soaking in blissful blends of exotic flowers and Okinawan herbs to open the human senses. Humans and plants have co-existed since ancient times. These bath products celebrate this indispensable relationship. Only natural ingredients of Okinawan sea salts and plant derivatives are used, including for colouring and fragrance.

Featured product December 2019: All-natural cold-processed shampoo bar

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Fine-grained mineral-rich Kucha clay comes from the mud of Okinawa’s seabed. Since ancient times, Okinawans have been using this natural clay for the hair, face, and skin’s deep cleansing. Kucha clay is excellent for removing dirt from the scalp, and keeping pores normal, leading to healthy scalp and hair condition.

Featured products September 2019: Pirin Paran peanuts @ Japan Summer Festival 2019

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This year, we introduced a greatly enjoyable snack – Pirin Paran peanuts from Okinawa! Only natural raw ingredients are used in the production. Peanuts are coated in brown sugar, fine wheat flour, and coral calcium, and roasted over an open fire to achieve a light texture. Pirin Paran peanuts are high in calcium and dietary fibre.

Featured product April 2019: Air-dried kale chips @ Superfood Asia Expo 2019

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This first Superfood Asia trade exhibition in Singapore showcased supporters of healthier eating who bring natural, organic, and Halal-certified food. One product of ours drew particular interest. Wrapped in paper packaging, Yoshitomo’s handmade kale chips are made of kale grown solely by nature’s elements. They are not baked nor fried, but dried in pure mountain air.

Featured product February 2019: Boysenberry shikuwasa concentrate

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Shikuwasa is mixed with boysenberry, bilberry, blackcurrant, nikko maple, and mildly sweetened with honey. Boysenberry is known as the "miracle fruit" as it contains 300% more antioxidative effect than blueberry. Shikuwasa, known as fruit of longevity in Okinawa, is a unique citrus species containing higher levels of nutrients that most other citrus fruit.

Featured product September 2018: Awaji onion chips @ Japan Summer Festival 2018

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We participated in our inaugural event this weekend, September 8-9, 2018, at the Japan Summer Festival (JSF)! At the centre of attention, were our onion chips made from hand-peeled Awaji onions, popular for their size and sweetness. By undergoing a low temperature vacuum frying process, the leaves of the onion flesh retain the natural onion sweetness and soft texture, receiving a crisp coat.

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