Fine-grained mineral-rich Kucha clay comes from the mud of Okinawa’s seabed. Since ancient times, Okinawans have been using this natural clay for the hair, face, and skin’s deep cleansing. By drawing out impurities and absorbing surface oil, Kucha clay is excellent for removing dirt from the scalp, and keeping pores normal, leading to healthy scalp and hair condition.

How to use:
1. Pre-wash the hair and scalp well with hot water to remove dirt, sweat, and dust. Let the soap start to foam.
2. Rub the shampoo bar on the wet hair and scalp. Massage well.
3. Rinse the hair and scalp thoroughly to remove all residual soap.
4. Diluting citric acid, nice-scented fruit vinegar, or lemon juice in a hot water basin and rinsing your hair in it will help to decompose soap residue.

Ingredients: Kucha clay, green clay, rosemary oil, grapefruit oil, tea tree oil, basil oil, Ylang Ylang oil