Mineral-rich salt of the sea

The clear blue ocean waters of Okinawa produce some of the richest sea salt in the world. The waters contain much coral reefs helping to provide sea water minerals that are highly valued in the islanders’ daily diet. Okinawa produces many types of sea salts. They are mild flavoured compared with other sea salts around the world, making them well-liked in hot dishes, desserts, snacks, and beverages.

Health benefits

Low sodium
The lower levels of sodium, compared with other sea salts, contributes to Okinawan’s overall lower intake of sodium; which is considered one of the major reasons for their longevity.

In contrast with common salts and rock salts, Okinawan sea salt is rich in calcium; which helps combat osteoporosis and strengthens the nervous system. Calcium is important for cell growth and for strengthening the teeth and bones.

A high level of potassium helps in the elimination of excess sodium in our bodies. Potassium is known to prevent high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

Magnesium is studied to improve circulation, cardiovascular health, muscle contraction and alleviate anxiety. It is not as easily found in natural ingredients as potassium is; which makes its presence in sea salt very useful.

Popular uses of sea salt

Neutralise strong fish smells or gamey flavours.
Rub sea salt over the meat and wash off.
Wash fish in 3-4% salt solution to remove viscosity, and reduce the fishy smell.

Enhance fresh flavours
Seasoning seafood, meats, poultry, and vegetables in sea salt helps to bring out the natural flavours of the fresh ingredients.

Heighten sweetness
While cooking, add sea salt after the sugar to increase the sweetness of your dishes. If you add the sea salt before the sugar, the results would not be as successful.

Improve skin condition
Due to its rich mineral content, sea salt is popularly used in natural skin care products to calm, hydrate, exfoliate, and detoxify the skin. Sea salt helps to remove dead skin while restoring the skin’s protective quality that retains its moisture.

Ishigaki salt

This is made from the sea water of Ishigaki Island, 430km southwest of main land Okinawa. Its waters are protected from pollution by the Ramsar Convention. Using original, patented technology, the salt is steamed in a cooker for three days, giving it a unique mild taste. Its fine texture also makes it popular for use on the fface to improve skin health. As a result of its qualities, many famous food corporations use Ishigaki salt to manufacture their products.

Nuchimasu salt

Nuchimasu means “salt of life” in Okinawan dialect. It is made from the sea water of Miyagi Island. Containing 21 minerals, Nuchimasu salt holds the Guinness World Record for its high level of minerals. The special patented production process called, “room-temperature instantaneous aerial crystal salt production method” involves sea water from Miyagi Island evaporating to leave behind fine crystallised salt resembling soft snow.