Takahashi tea farm in Usuki City, Oita Prefecture, is one of a small percentage of tea producers in Japan that is certified by the Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association. It is located on a range of hills filled with misty air and changing temperature conditions optimal for tea growth. For over two decades, only organic material has been used in the production of Takahashi tea leaves.


Tea products handcrafted at Takahashi tea farm use tea leaves of single origin. This allows the drinker to know the natural taste of each type of tea leaf.

The labour-intensive process involves the picking of fresh tea leaves, followed by steaming, roasting, rolling a few times to carefully arrange the shape of the leaves, final drying, and the hand packing of the products.

Traditional duck method of rice farming

Takahashi tea uses brown rice grown in rice paddies farmed with the traditional Aigamo (duck) method. Chemical fertilisers and pesticides are avoided. The ducks do not feed on the rice plant. Instead, the ducks feed on weeds and pests which helps to protect soil health.


Rich in vitamins and minerals. Kabosu citrus fruit has a striking minty fragrance. It has lovely acidity similar to a lemon. 98% of kabosu fruit is harvested in Oita Prefecture.

How to enjoy green tea

For optimal results, use soft water, such as Volvic or Crystal Geyser.
Prepare 150-200ml hot water per person.
Use hot water of 70ºC to 80º to control the bitterness of the tea and bring out the sweetness.
Pour the hot water into the cup with the tea sachet.
Steep the tea for 1-2 minutes.
For the second brewing, you can steep for 30 seconds.

Takahashi teas

takahashi organic yuzu green tea pack front

Organic Yuzu Green Tea

A light aroma of yuzu balanced with a slight citrus bitterness. You can drink this tea anytime of the day or when you want to rehydrate yourself. This refreshing tea is a popular with female tea lovers.

Organic Kabosu Green Tea

A unique tea that is crisp and bright in nature leaving no aftertaste. Enjoy this pure citrusy tea untainted by any additives or sweeteners. It is a perfect solution when you want to relax or reduce tiredness.

takahashi organic kabosu green tea pack front
takahashi organic roasted green tea pack front

Organic high quality roasted green tea

A savoury roasted green tea that is ideal after lunch or dinner. These tea leaves are roasted over high heat to create a fragrant aroma that balances its mild flavour and bitterness. This tea can be enjoyed by everyone from the elderly to the children because of its low caffeine content.

Roasted brown rice green tea (genmaicha)

This is a wonderful combination of organic Japanese green tea and roasted brown rice that was grown in pesticide-free paddy fields. Genmaicha drinkers love the strong aroma of brown rice and the warming effect the tea has on the body. This is a tea that can be enjoyed by everyone from the elderly to the children because of its low caffeine content.

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